Saturday, July 28, 2007

The New Guinea Singing Dog Makes a Comeback!

Last February, after an emergency vet trip for one of our dogs, Sam asked if dogs have a uvula (to see the post click here). We couldn't see down Poncho's throat (he's such an excitable dog!), so we did a little research and found that dogs do not have uvulae. Except the New Guinea Singing Dog, which has a uvula-like structure in the back of its soft palate. Well, lo and behold, we go to the San Diego Zoo and someone asks us if we want to take a picture with a singing dog! I was stunned! We excitedly asked if it was the New Guinea Singing Dog and began telling the uvula story. The trainer looked a bit surprised, and maybe a little like she was thinking, "Ah, the wackos have landed!" But yes, it was the NGSD!

Well, the story continues. Today we get ZOONOOZ Magazine in the mail and one of the featured articles is about the very dog we met! It's a small, small world!