Friday, July 4, 2008

Brain Development and Children

Interesting report about children and brain development on NPR.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Girls Rock the House!

Our girls joined a band (ON STAGE! Oh, they are so brave!) to sing the blues. Click here to see my husband's post--and cute pix!

Back to School (Not!)

We start official "schooling" a bit early in our family--because we love taking off the entire month of December for Christmas festivities! Here are a few of the things we did this week:

Sam is trying to figure out why it's dark on the other side of the world when it's light here. The flashlight represents the sun.

Here we are mailing letters that they wrote to family.

(Sam decided that now that he's a first-grader he needs to wear a button up-shirt. That only lasted a day!)

Soccer at our YMCA (the girls enjoy playing in Kids Club during soccer!)...

Swimming is a favorite activity at our house.

Practicing penmanship...

Our Kindergartener jumps right in...

Our two-year-old will not stand for being left out! I love the concentrating lip-action!

Experimenting with light refraction...

How'd they do that tap step?

Oh! That's how!

Next week: pictures of everyone in gymnastics!